Sunday, March 4, 2012

Recent Ebay Sales

1. J. Crew wedding dress - sold for $95.

2. Jones New York suit -sold within 12 hours of listing! Sold for $37.

3. Sold to the same buyer as the Jones New York suit - Talbots Blazer, sold for $37.

4. April Cornell use to have boutiques of artsy looking clothing. I found a few dresses at the thrift and picked them up - put them down. I did the same thing a few times and then took two to try them out. I wish I would have purchased them all now! This sold within hours of listing for $33.

I am off to a few thrifts tomorrow. Hopefully I will find a bunch of wonderful things. Ha!

On a different note, I had an MRI for my left knee on Friday. I should get the results this week - hopefully early in the week. My knee has been getting worse and it is almost impossible to go up steps without it killing me.

We have a game night planned this weekend for a few couples in the church. Should be fun! But that means major cleaning & baking this week. Thankfully we are doing pizzas & snack-type foods so I don't have to stress about making a fancy dinner.

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