Thursday, March 15, 2012

Recent Ebay Sales & other thoughts

I haven't posted in almost a week. This past week has been CRAZY. The hubby had a particularly bad cold. I have to say he only gets sick about once a year or two so when it hits, it really hits.

In addition, my 86 year old father-in-law is dealing with needing two shoulder replacements. One is scheduled for this coming Wednesday but the heart doctor who needed to clear him is possibly going to put in a heart stint this Friday. My sick hubby has been driving him around and taking him to appointments.

I got my first cortisone shot. My knee is now killing me though I have heard this is usually the case after the shot.

Next week the hubby & I are painting a room & stairway hall for a couple in our church on Monday & Tuesday.

With all of this happening, I took yesterday and went to SIX thrift stores (yup, even with the bad knee). A few I had never been to which surprised even me since I have been thrifting for over 8 years.

I found a huge pile of stuff which I am going to list over the next few days. But are some things that have sold over the last week. I have sold over 100 items in the last week so I have been super busy with the packaging.


This brand new Ann Taylor dress sold for $75.

I cannot believe how well this skirt did. I got it for free since there was a bit of a hole (which I fixed) and they were just going to throw it out. It sold with 7 bids and the ending price was $51! The brand name was St. John.

I would have passed these shoes up if it weren't for my cell phone. I noticed they had a really nice leather & looked up the brand on ebay while still in the thrift. They sold within 48 hours for $50. The brand is Alexandra Neel.

Eileen Fisher usually does pretty well. This twinset went for $50.

I found these Privo shoes the same day I found the Alexandra Neel heels above. These shoes also sold for $50.

I would have kept this suit if it was my size. It sold for $50 and the name is Calvin Klein. So pretty!

I have been listing & re-listing this skirt for months. Sometimes you just need to be patient. The name is Odille, which is an exclusive Anthropologie brand, and the skirt sold for $50.

Leifsdottir is an expensive brand sold at upscale boutiques and Anthropologie. It isn't an Anthropologie exclusive brand but this skirt had the Anthro tags. Sold for $43.

Tadashi makes dresses and their "bandage" dresses do well on ebay. This one sold for $39.

Talbots is still doing well for me. This blazer sold with 2 bids for over $38. I'm sure it helped that it sold the week before St. Patrick's Day.

Bob Mackie is well known in the fashion world. He also designs for QVC and this silk tunic was one of theirs. Sold for $37.

And last ... a list that is going off in just about an hour.

It is an Armani jacket. I listed it for $49.99 over and over and over. It didn't sell. I then list it for $34.99 and it currently is up to $76! You just never know.

I hope everyone has a gorgeous, sunny day! It is going to be 76 degrees here in PA today. I cannot believe our awesome weather in March. We usually have snow on the ground at this time of year. I will take sun over snow ANY day!

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