Thursday, August 28, 2014

My week in photos - 8/28/14

At my weekly doctor's appointment yesterday my doctor said I could 'push it' a bit. I baked today. I dropped an egg but who cares. I made these huge cupcakes. They are going to the neighbors. Mint chocolate chip and peanut butter chocolate.

Another bag for ThredUp. This is my 5th bag to them. My 3rd & 4th bag are processing. I send in used items and they give me money. It takes about a month from the time it is sent in until you get money.
We got a "new" (to us) van. We had two older vans with over 120,000 miles on them. We had planned on running our two older vans until they stopped working. That was the plan. And then we realized that we could get more for them now and upgrade. We are selling both of those (the first one sold this past weekend and I will list the second tomorrow) and upgraded to a 2008 with only 50,000 miles on it. It is the newest, lowest mileage vehicle we have ever had. Fancy!

My husband drove to NJ to pick this one up on Monday. Thankfully he borrowed a car dolly and I didn't have to go.
The hubby woke up at 5am to travel 10+ hours (round trip) on Monday. He got back Monday evening and came home to a leaking fridge. "We" worked on it a few hours and I am thrilled to say that it is working again! Plus, we now have a very clean fridge. I didn't realize how much dust collects in the coils. Ewwww.

On Tuesday we had dirt (fill) dumped in our driveway. Our driveway goes completely around the house. It is like a gravel mote. Every year we (the husband) put more gravel down since it disappears. It kind of sinks into the ground.

This year my husband had a friend scrape up all the gravel and put fill down. Hopefully that will pack and then the gravel won't disappear as fast.

I love this funny man. He worked in the pouring rain for hours. Plus, he dances with me in the rain.

Here is our friend "Goose". This real name is Randy but almost everyone out here has an odd nickname. He ran the John Deere and my husband ran our tractor.

We had two tractors parked on the side of our home for a few days.

I love this view! This is the view you see from the hammock on the front porch.
I ordered my favorite mascara from Amazon last week and used it yesterday. I hardly ever wear make-up at this point. I was going to the doctor's and so I put it on. I LOVE this mascara. It makes my lashes super long and doesn't clump. I have purchased more expensive mascara and didn't like it half as good as this one.

Best part? It is $4.77 with free shipping on Amazon. Yup, a full size mascara for under $5. It is Maybelline's lash stiletto in soft black. I have used "very black" and it works great too. But it is like fifty cents more and I am cheap. It is over $7 at Wal-Mart and you have to drive there. Amazon rocks!

Here is how good it works...The doctor had me doing high tech eye movements wearing a eye sensor. The eye sensor kept thinking my LASHES were my pupils because of how big they looked. The doctor told me not to wear mascara next time. Oops.

Last week I had a mole biopsied. I won't show you the actual spot because it is gross. We got my results yesterday and there is no cancer. Thank you Jesus! I didn't think it was cancer but the results took forever (a week). I confess that during that week I had a lot of doubts and worries. I may have even googled melanoma once or twice.

The printed Band-Aids were on clearance for half the price of plain Band-Aids. I have worn Monsters, Inc and Sponge Bob this week.

And this one is funny. I tie dyed a shirt in turmeric. It was an old white shirt I was donating anyway. It took all my wrist strength to do this and I hurt for a day afterward.

Here is before I washed it. Pretty awesome, right?

Even the "after" looks great. Except, it smelled of turmeric. I washed it a second time and it still smelled. Plus, it lost most of its color after the second wash. Yeah, tie dying with turmeric isn't a great idea.


  1. Your posts about ThredUp really inspire me. I need to try it!!
    Love the lashes.
    The view around your house is beautiful. Hope you are feeling better :)

  2. The shirt is really pretty. I hope you are feeling better.

  3. Even with all the pain you are going through, bless your heart, you are still blogging! I love reading your posts - you are so positive. And you manage to make care packages for others. You are truly an angel!


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