Friday, August 8, 2014


I made it! It has been 15 days off Fentanyl and 11 off Percocet. I am feeling great mentally and emotionally.

Today I will be at the doctor's from 11am to atleast 5pm for tests and treatments. I was there two weeks ago for an evaluation. This is the doctor that said I had dystonia along with my RSD.

My knee is feeling okay. It hurts but I have been taking it easy. My wrists hurt quite a bit and the pain goes from my elbow to my fingertips. Sometimes they ache, sometimes it shoots through me.

I am excited to see what today will bring. God has truly given me peace and joy during this time.

Just over two weeks ago I was on 8 medications. I am now down to 2. One of those is at half the dose and the other is Ambien. I am hoping to stop the sleeping pills soon but they truly do help. They allow me to sleep through the pain.

I took Advil this morning because of cramps (stupid period) but have been taking almost no pain medicine - even OTC. I wanted to let my stomach settle a bit. That is probably the last of the withdrawal symptoms to leave me. My stomach gets stronger every day and I have been keeping some food in it.

I do not recommend stopping your narcotics without a doctor's advice and help. I do not recommend this as a diet of any kind. With that said, I am down 12 pounds. I am sure once I can keep food in my belly that I will gain some back. It has been a tough few weeks for my poor body.

Thanks for all your prayers. I will post again soon :)

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