Monday, August 4, 2014


Every day I am doing a bit better. My wrists hurt pretty bad but my knee isn't bad at all. And the good news is that I am going for my first all day treatment for dystonia & RSD on Friday. The doctor has really been great these past two weeks. We have been emailing which is SO unheard of for a doctor. 

This evening I am feeling up to posting some photos...

There are about a million ladies in our church having babies. I stocked up on adorable Carter's onesies awhile ago. I am going to add a book to each gift. This one got really good reviews on Amazon and so I ordered 8 books. Yup, lots of babies!

My husband has been taking care of the house for awhile now. About a month ago our steam mop broke. I haven't ordered a replacement yet. I do have a few on my Amazon wish list. He has been cleaning floors with this old school mop.

Something I did order from Amazon was a huge box of his favorite popcorn. I didn't realize that I purchased 12 FULL SIZE bags of popcorn. I cannot eat it because it is white cheddar and has milk. I'm sure he will make the sacrifice and eat it all.

All my candles being burned at the same time. Why???

Because some dumb person decided she wanted to try turmeric paste this week. It is suppose to be a miracle cure. Thanks Amazon ;) I don't make the best choices when I hurt and this was $11 straight in the garbage. Years ago when my mom asked what spices we kept in the house I had to answer "salt". I don't even think we have pepper.

WHO thought that she would like turmeric? Me.

I boiled it down with water. I consider this cooking. It made the entire house stink. It doesn't even look good! I got a spoonful in my mouth before gagging. And then I washed it down with Skittles and Powerade. Oh, I am super healthy. And I am sure that the little bit I accidentally swallowed will heal me completely (insert sarcasm).

This went straight into the garbage along with the little plastic container. I forgot to take a photo of the Pampered Chef white rubber spatula but I completely dyed it.

Maybe I can somehow tie dye a white shirt in Turmeric? I bet that would look really cool. Except I would probably smell forever.

Last night at 1 or 2am I was wide awake. This happens almost every night. My Ambien wears off and the pain sets in again. I decided to use my Jamberry nail strips to do my toe nails. I shake pretty bad and so I don't use nail polish too much. But these are so easy to use. These were FREE since I hosted a Facebook party for a friend. I got lots for free. Love these!

These. are. awesome. They have a bit of milk but I splurged. They are like the best candy bar ever. I haven't been able to keep anything in my stomach for 11 days. I have tried everything from crackers and chicken noodle soup to grilled chicken to raw spinach to Skittles. Nothing sticks.

My doctor said to just make sure I keep hydrating and eating. He said I could stop the gluten-free thing for now. I stopped it when I started having withdrawal symptoms anyway.

I had to cut the wrists on my sweatshirt this morning. They were bothering my wrists. I am so thankful I saved this old sweatshirt from the trash so many times. Cutting it and rolling the sleeves was no big deal. I have pinking sheers for some reason. I think they just magically showed up in my sewing box. I haven't the slightest idea of where I got these.

Thanks Verizon for this GIANT check which came this morning. The cost to send it was 48 cents and the check was for 3 cents. Why?!?

My husband has been taking care of me, cleaning and cooking and getting quotes for the roof. We have put off getting a new roof for years. Shingles blow off with every strong wind and then he goes on the roof to nail them back on.

This summer we will be selling my father-in-law's house and we decided to "splurge" and get a roof before we get leaks. Roofs are REALLY expensive! Thankfully we know an Amish/Mennonite guy (we haven't decided yet) who can do it for about half the price of Home Depot. He did a few jobs for us years ago and kind of freaked us out when he didn't wear shoes while using a saw on the gravel outside our home. Ouch.

He also doesn't have a phone. You have to call a main number and leave a message. And then you get a call back at a random time. Like 6am this morning. Thanks for getting back to us roofing guy.

I am part of a larger group of ebay sellers. Today I got two cards from them. How sweet was that!?!

Powerade tastes like Jell-O that hasn't made gel yet. I don't like it. I am drinking it but I don't like it.

Does anyone else have a baggie of medicine that they are no longer taking? No one will take this stuff back. My doctor said to bury the pills in cat litter. I refuse to buy cat litter to bury pills. I already spent $11 on turmeric. Hey...maybe I can bury them in turmeric?!?

My husband has been shopping and he brought me home pulled pork. I kind of kept putting it off since my stomach has been so weird lately. Tonight he had a church worship meeting and I heated some up. YUM! I am sure this isn't great for my stomach but I don't care. I haven't been this excited for food in awhile. Well, besides the Skittles. And the gluten-free chocolate filled things. Hehe.

Also - I have a question for everyone. My father-in-law passed away a month ago. We got sympathy cards. I have sent a "thank you" to anyone who sent something (like awesome is that idea in a sympathy card and I am totally stealing it). I even sent them to people out of town mostly. But, then my hands got really bad. They hurt to write anything. Do I need to keep sending these? We have probably sent over 30 and still have a large pile left. Do you send "thank you" cards for sympathy cards? Please say no.

Okay...that is all. That was a lot of typing for me. Thanks for reading!


  1. No, you don't need to send Thank you notes for sympathy cards.

  2. Glad you are feeling a bit better. Here we can drop off unused medicine at local police stations. They have big bins where you can just drop them in.

  3. No, honey. Not necessary to send "Thank you" for sympathy cards. Now for floral arrangements, etc. you might, but cards??? No. Glad you're getting better.


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