Tuesday, June 18, 2013


On Sunday, my hubby & I flew 4 1/2 hours from PA to Las Vegas, NV. We are swapping homes and cars with a lady here. She will stay in our PA home next year and we chose to use her home this year.

We flew Southwest Airlines - our first time with this airline. We didn't realize there are NO assign seats on the plane. This is such an odd thing to me. My super tall 6'6" hubby usually asks for an exit row seat since his legs do not fit in a regular seat too well.

However, when we checked in we realized they won't do this. The system is complicated and I'm still not sure I fully understand how it works. It has to do with being assigned a letter and number. For example, if you are A1 - you will get on the plane first. If you are C32 - you will most likely get stuck with a middle seat in the back row. The plane was completely full and we were in the "C" section. However, God worked it out that we were able to get two seats in the bulk head (read: more leg room!). How incredible is that! We are blessed.

I'm going to send photos of the clouds to our Compassion International children.
Most of them won't get the chance to experience a plane for themselves.

We have been to Las Vegas a few times before. We are not gamblers nor do we party. However, we love walking the strip to see the unique and fun hotels. The Venetian is one of my favorites and we went there on our first day (Monday). I could walk around for hours just admiring all of the paintings and fountains.

One of the many, many painted ceilings.

The hubby, trying to stand out of the way while I took a photo of the ceiling.

A gorgeous fountain.

Gondola rides inside the hotel. Cost? $20 per person. Ummm...too high for us!

The inside of the Venetian has a ton of stores. All the stores have fake store fronts to create the idea you are shopping outside. The ceiling is painted with clouds. The artist did an AMAZING job and it truly feels like you are outside. 

Can you believe this is still inside the hotel?

A slightly blurry photo my hubby took while we were trying to figure out my new camera's flash.

I loved these chandeliers! So dramatic!

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