Thursday, June 6, 2013

Recent Ebay Sales - 6/6/13

Today I have been married 10 years and 11 months. My hubby leaves me a card or note every month to celebrate. He is so great about remembering our MONTHLY anniversary. Isn't that fun and crazy?

Bare's father is still in the hospital with pneumonia. Yesterday was the first day he was allowed to get out of bed with assistance. The doctors were worried about blood clots. His kidney function is quite low (around 30%). He has been in there for four days and we are hoping he gets out this weekend. 

I have been listing, listing, listing. During the last two days, I have listed 88 new items. 

Here are a few things that have sold within the last three days:

1. Ralph Lauren linen skirt, sold for $28. 

2. C.J. Banks for Christopher & Banks red sweater, sold for $21. 

3. Ann Taylor LOFT brown seamed skirt, sold for $19. 

4. Laura Ashley floral long dress, sold for $25. 

5. Talbots aqua printed skirt, sold for $19. 

6. Valerie Stevens plus-sized red dress, sold for $22. 

7. Cache gold sparkle dress, sold for $59. 

8. A no-name lace trimmed robe, sold for $20. 

And a few things that sold right before my vacation

9. Anthropologie "Bica Cheia" denim skirt, sold for $21. 

10. Ann Taylor woven career skirt, sold for $19. 

11. Anthropologie "Charlie Robin" knit cardigan sweater jacket, sold for $26. 

12. Anthropologie "Odille" black velvet jacket, sold for $20. I have had this jacket for almost a year! It cost me about $2 to keep it on ebay for the year in my store so I still made some money on it. 

13. Gap black maternity jersey dress, sold for $27. 

14. Garnet Hill thin cardigan sweater, sold for $22. 

15. Ralph Lauren denim dress, sold for $22. 

16. Jones New York orange dress, sold for $19. 

17. Men's Ralph Lauren polo, sold for $22. I purchased this at the thrift for $2 for my hubby. I love that I can sell stuff that doesn't fit. 

18. Talbots gray & black knit cocoon sweater, sold for $29. 

19. Eileen Fisher gray thin knit tank, sold for $36. 

20. Ann Taylor LOFT white ruffle front top, sold for $22. 

21. Eddie Bauer long linen floral printed skirt, sold for $19. 

22. Eileen Fisher brown long dress, sold for $24. 

23. Chico's tank top & skirt, sold for a combine price of $32. I separated these two into two listings. That way someone could have bid on the top and not the skirt or visa versa. However, they sold to the same person. 

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