Sunday, June 23, 2013

Death Valley

Today was our 6th day of vacation and we drove the 2.5 hours to Death Valley. It was 111 degrees today. You hear people say "but it is dry heat" and they are SO right! It didn't feel that hot. It feels warmer when it is 90 degrees in FL.

Standing in front of the sand dunes.

My husband is pointing to a small white sign that says "Sea Level". We were standing at the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere!

So we were taking photos and we saw a wife taking photos of her husband jumping. We loved the idea and asked them to take OUR photo jumping...

And this was as good as it got. Ha! Turns out we cannot jump at the same time. 

View from the car

And at the highest point in the park - Dante's Peak.

It was SO windy at the top!

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  1. Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm so jealous!!
    Love the "jumping" pictures lol


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