Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Happy June!

Heaven will be like Anna maria Island but better and my mind cannot grasp this. 

My body continues to fail but my heart and mind sing with praises with each view. When I didn't feel well (which was basically every day) in PA, I would simply lay in bed or lay in the living room. I didn't have many options since it was too cold to sit outside. My RSD hasn't gotten any better but I have more options here. I can sit on the dock in the back yard, sit in my gravity free chair on the sun porch or the hubby can plop me at the beach. 

My pain hasn't improved here in FL and has actually worsened. There are so many different hurts. Sometimes it feels like my fingers and wrists are being broken. My bones hurt and I just look at them in confusion. It doesn't look like they should hurt. They look like normal hands. But the pain is outstanding. I cannot think. Some days there is stiffness and I can barely move my left hand. My fingers curl in on themselves and sometimes get stuck like that.

Sometimes I cannot put any weight on my left leg. Not even one step. RSD causes your nerves to feel like they are both on fire and the coldest they have ever felt - at the same time. It is quite odd. 

But God is amazing and we are so very blessed. I think most people have at least one area of their life where things aren't going well. This could be finances, relationships, health or time.

Other things happening here in FL: 

The hubby named this bird BeBe.

Library books of the week: 

Tempting Fate (the left top corner) wasn't worth it. Girl Underwater (bottom row) was WELL worth the read! I have to go back today since I'm already finished with these. The library is about a mile or so from our house. LOVE THAT!

And this may be the worst photo of me ever. The mosquito are loving my blood! Thankfully lavender essential oil takes away most of the sting. Could someone know that I don't mind them biting my body but if they could stay away from my face, I'd appreciate it.

I hope everyone has a great day. Remember to encourage someone today.

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  1. I'm so glad you are loving the island. It looks magical! I hope and pray that one day your pain will go away or at least be manageable. You have such a great attitude and you and your hubby are such an inspiration! I love reading about your yard sale adventures - you found some really great things!


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