Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Week in Photos 5/27/2015

The week started with a decision. We have hired a real estate agent to sell our home back in PA. It will be well worth the 6% just for me not to have to use the computer multiple times a day. We got to see photos of our new roof and we love it. Too bad we didn't do it sooner so we could have actually enjoyed a night under the new roof!

Also this week was a doctor's appointment. I pretty much love my doctor. She is amazing. My blood work came back and I had a super low B12 level, low vitamin D and a low iron level. No new news there. A few other odd levels were low and that resulted in me getting one more test in a few weeks. I also had fluid around my ankles and fingers. Again, no surprise seeing they hurt every day. But it was nice to know that all this pain can be seen on an X-ray.

And I'm back to B12 injections.

My sister made these gorgeous pillowcases! We sent them out this week to a few friends this week. 

 Bob, the blue heron, on my chair.

 A bad morning. Sigh. 

 A gorgeous sunrise captured from the back yard. (Thanks pain for waking me up early again)

Silly Bob.


  1. Love the bleached jeans. So cute!

  2. Love your bleached pants they look great on you! Did you live in Nassau or Suffolk on L.I.?

  3. Suffolk county. I grew up in Mastic :-)


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