Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Week in Photos & Words - 6/23/15

I'm a week or so behind in blogging. So here is what is happening here on Anna Maria Island (Florida). 

The buildings are still just as colorful.

Our friends BB & Bob are doing well and visit us daily. I love these birds.

I put out a water bowl for them. Hehe. 

I've been eating pretty healthy still. My body feels slightly better when I eat healthier food. With that said, I totally enjoy others eating delicious foods.

My fun food of the week...breadsticks from Domino's. SO good! I allowed myself just a bit. 

I'm still getting bit on a daily basis. Like not even once or twice but multiple times throughout the day. These "no see-ums" are getting the best of me. We have 75 citronella votives on the way from Amazon. I will beat these little bugs.

Really...my forehead?!?

I just figured out that there are charity auctions on Instagram! I won this print from @gracelaced and all the monies went to a family's adoption.

I made it my new memory verse. I have "We have this hope" memorized so far. I'm a really, really bad memorizer. I can memorize facts and contents but word-for-word memorization is super hard. I remember "we have" by thinking of a baby orange (a "wee" orange if you will) being halved. That helps me start out the verse.

 A frame for our vintage Anna Maria Island map that was given to us. My hubby found this frame & mat for...yup...$1. It was a custom frame for a covered bridge photograph which he carefully removed.

A walker! We gave mine away in PA since we really couldn't fit it along with my wheelchair and all of our stuff when we drove down. This one was just $5! Score! My wrists and hands usually hurt too much to use it but it is always nice to have around the house.

And words without photos...

I need to make a decision about Ketamine for my RSD. I need for the RSD not to spread to my face or organs. In the last year it has gone from just my knee to both ankles, both feet, my other knee, my back, my elbows, wrists, hands and fingers. At times it feels like my ankles will shatter. (update: and now my stupid hips)

Ketamine is very, very pricey. I currently have Blue Cross it will not cover it. They would cover a device implanted on my spine that gives me narcotics automatically though. What? How is that possible? Anyway...

Ketamine has side effects which honestly scare me. But I have a lot of RSD friends that have given me great suggestions for hopefully helping with some of those.

Once I make the decision (and I'm almost there...almost), we need to figure out how to pay for it. God has been amazing to us through all of this and we are really trusting Him on this one.

So that is what is happening here.


  1. That is our church's verse and one of my favorites. You got some great deals at the yard sale. I love all the colorful buildings there. Glad you are enjoying it there :)

  2. oh wow, i didn't know instagram did that either! i haven't made an account yet but i will if you guys have an auction too! :)
    AND i love garage sales soo much. when i lived in new orleans, i used to love to go to them because it was like cheap souvenirs--authentic stuff from the area that usually means something more than just souvenir store stuff.
    anyway, please keep us posted (through the blog or reach out personally) about your ketamine decision and financing stuff. count me in as a supporter :)


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