Friday, June 12, 2015

Week in Photos (6/12/15)

I haven't felt up to blogging in awhile. This week was tough but there is hope close by. We have decided to pursue ketamine. Honestly it is either that or major narcotics again. I took a half pill this morning and so I am able to do a bit more (like blogging!).

I wouldn't mind not being able to use my hands or walk but the pain that comes along with it is horrid. And now...onto the past week or so.

The hubby vacuums. And this morning I woke up to find clean clothes folded on the kitchen island. This man is amazing to me and I'm so thankful. 
 Blue toes! The bottoms of my toes turn a light blue-ish color. My doctor pointed it out weeks ago and it is something that comes and goes. It really doesn't bother me. Discoloration is just a small part of RSD.

 And lots of photos of me. I've been trying to take more. I want to remember more than just the pain when I look back on our six months living on Anna Maria Island, FL. 

 Some not so good days...

There has been lots of sitting this week. Lots of YouTube watching. I've been watching old toy commercials, how-to videos, and just finished BBC's "The Great Interior Design Challenge". So good! 

A boat on the canal.

An actual ad in the local paper. Love it!

Thank you to all my readers who have stuck with me. I hope you have a happy, pain free day.

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  1. Such adorable selfies! No one would ever guess how much pain you are suffering. I know when I need a little sunshine, all I have to do is come to your blog.

    Congrats on the offer on your former home. It was just adorable and I'm not surprised it sold. Happy house hunting!


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