Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Our week in photos - 5/13/15

The Gulf is starting to feel like bath water again which is great for my poor body.

Earlier in the week we visited a "new" (to us) beach. It is on the south end of AMI and is right before the Longboat Key bridge. There is no swimming here and so we mostly just sat and enjoyed the scenery. We did take a quick dip or two but the police patrol the area and will make you get out of the water if they catch you. They have good reason. The current is strong and people have died here. 

These next two people jumped on a paddle board to cross the water. The man on the back paddled while wearing a back pack and a white bird on his shoulder. We were quite impressed. 

 Florida is a magical place.

Flat Ryleigh's beach wardrobe

While trying to photograph Flat Ryleigh, Bob happened to stop by the back yard. For those that don't know, Bob is a Blue Heron and he visits us daily. 

Also happening in the flowers are falling from a tree out front. They are so pretty! If my hands were good enough, I would try to turn these into perfume. They smell amazing.

I completely forgot to post this photo. Our church back in PA gave us a beach themed cake and gift bag. We have the flip flops on our fridge since they are magnets. 

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