Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Hello Friends

 This post is just going to be a mishmash of stuff. I started this blog to just journal for myself. It might have been more interesting when I was working or selling on ebay. But, this is my life for now

Still SO pretty!

Last week I went to the CRPS/RSD research center in Tampa. I was quite impressed with the doctor and he did a pretty thorough evaluation of my body. Yup, I have CRPS. I keep thinking someone may tell me I don't and it can easily be fixed by doing "x". Anyway, my choices are Ketamine or wait. The Ketamine is a four day treatment and costs a small fortune. Our insurance doesn't cover it (no surprise).

I'm already in year 3 of having this silly thing and waiting another few months for Ketamine won't be a problem. (update: Ketamine is scheduled for the last two weeks of January 2016)

Last night I had a rough night. My hands curled and things got pretty bad. I snapped this photo at around 3am (thanks voice activation mode!). I was able to see the sun rise and sat on the back porch until the most intense pain eased up. And then it hit me again later. Wow. I forget how bad the pain can get.

On a more positive note, my the bruise on my knee is fading. It is in the light green & yellow stage.

Cortez Beach, May 4

May 4

May 4

Yesterday we were sitting there and I saw something surface. I guessed correctly - a manatee! He (she?) was lazily swimming between the two piers for quite some time. 

I made the hubby go in and pet the manatee. I had pet one years ago but he didn't get to. He may have been a bit scared (to my husband: ha- that is what you get for not wanting to touch a manatee!). And he thanked me later. He said that the manatee was slimy and hard and huge.

May 4. This is the only photo of the manatee I have. He is the dark object to the left of the family. (Worst photo ever - sorry!)
May 5

May 5

May 5

Happy Tuesday!

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