Sunday, November 2, 2014

Week in Photos - 11/2/14

We are home! I love coming home. The trip back from FL was a bit tough. We missed our flight which was not our fault. The car rental place gave us the wrong drop off location. So although we left the hotel 3 hours early, we still missed it. However, we were able to catch another flight and got better seats. And we got back to PA only an hour after our original flight. 

More later this week, once my wrists have a chance to rest some more. 

Our slightly later flight allowed us to catch the sunset from the plane. Amazing!

This odd quote was on our hotel wall. After a quick search of google, I realized I loved this saying. It basically means that there is no happiness without suffering.

Waiting for our plane.

We visited Home Depot which was a fun "vacation-y" thing to do. Ha.

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