Sunday, November 9, 2014

Week in Photos - 11/9/14

This week really took me for a ride. 

I went to my doctor's on Tuesday and he did this thing where he cracked my back really hard. So hard that he asked my 6'6" husband for help. Afterwards my wrists and hands felt amazing. They stayed that way for two days and I got a LOT done. It was the first time since the end of June that I had no pain. None. Yes, my knee still hurt. Yes, my back was killing me. But no wrist pain. 

And so I wrapped Christmas gifts. Almost all of my shopping is done and I had the wrapping paper which I purchased last year. My family does their gifting at Thanksgiving. We started it years ago and call it Thanksmas. SO exciting!

I went back to the same doctor on Thursday and he readjusted my back. And the wrist pain is back. Yesterday was one of the worst pain days in awhile. 

This doctor really knows what he is doing. We have trust in him and his methods. He is hoping to get some of the dystonia out of my wrists and wants to send it up my arms and into my back. This week was an experiment of sorts and I feel it worked. I don't have to understand the complications of why. 

We had snow again this week. Just a dusting but it was pretty. The first snows of the season always are.

The hubby took the chairs off the front and back porches to store them during the winter season. I will really miss our hammock and these chairs. Mostly I will miss the warm weather. 

My newest Jamberry. How adorable are these tiny reindeer? They really make me smile.

I hope you have a great week!

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  1. Ouch! I hope this doctor can move the pain right on out of you girl! That you still have a positive attitude while in pain is nothing short of amazing.

    What an adorable tradition - Thanksmas. Then you can REALLY enjoy Christmas vs stressing and running around wild eyed like the rest of us!


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