Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pity Party in the Keys

Hi everyone! The hubby & I are on week two of our vacation. Last week we were at Pompano Beach. The weather was pretty rainy for the first five days but we got two days of sunshine before we left. 

We spent about an hour at a local beach. The beach had handicap mats over the sand which allowed my hubby to push me in my wheelchair. While there, I grabbed my camera and took photos of a few people learning how to paddle board. They were so fun to watch. The water was pretty cold and we are wimps when it comes to that kind of thing. So no swimming but we did enjoy the heat. 

I made the hubby go down this slide. He got stuck a bunch of times and had to push himself down. It was pretty funny to watch. Even the life guard was laughing.

Before we left my awesome hubby walked over to the paddleboarders and got their email address. I sent them a bunch of photos that night. I figured it would be fun to have photos from their experience. And...they emailed back and thanked me. Fun!

I am sure Jim would be thrilled to know I used this photo for my blog. Sorry Jim ;)

Yesterday we drove the 4 hours south to Key West. Our rental car is super smooth. I normally have a lot of pain from traveling due to the vibrations from the car. But we stopped a few times to let me stretch. I have to say I did pretty well. The drive was gorgeous. 

Our resort is absolutely darling. We used our air miles to book it and we weren't sure what kind of place we would get. 

Here is our back porch area. Love it! 

Now the pity party part. 

Yesterday we went down to the beach. The hotel receptionist told us that Key West doesn't have the best beaches. This was quite the surprise to us. They have three decent beaches and she recommended one close by. It was at a state park which had a cement walk way. I don't walk far without pain and it is quite helpful to have my wheelchair. 

I did pretty well walking from where we parked my wheelchair to the water (which was shockingly cold). I even "swam" a bit. It was quite fun. 

Me splashing around a bit.

Today I woke up with pain. It was the kind of pain that makes you wish you were dead. My knee hurt, my hands hurt. Parts of my body that normally don't hurt were killing me. My ankles, toes and even my "good" leg. 

And so we are at the gorgeous Key West and I am in bed. And now to be even more honest. I sent the hubby for alcohol. I didn't bring narcotics with me since I stopped taking them in July. I don't drink. Like ever. I think in my entire life I have maybe had 5 drinks. 

I hope hoping a couple Mike's lemonades will help with the pain. Tomorrow we drive back to Miami for the night and on Thursday we leave. It will be nice to be back home. RSD is not fun.


  1. So hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. I'm so sorry you are feeling pain, especially on your vacation. I'm glad you made the best of it and at least got to play in the water for a bit. Let us know if Mike's lemonades helped with the pain.


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