Thursday, July 31, 2014

Day 7

Today is day 7 without Fentanyl and day 3 without Percocet. Actually, I guess I have crossed over into day 4 without Percocet. 

I cannot believe how miserable this is. Truly. Yikes. 

We went to my family doctor yesterday. My family doctor is incredible. We are blessed to have him. He supports me going off narcotics. 

Today I woke up with more nausea. Despite taking anti-nausea prescription meds, I couldn't keep anything in my stomach. My awesome, incredible husband called the family doctor and said how bad I was still doing. The doctor called me in a prescription for a Clonidine tablet. The hubby picked it up along with mini plain bagels, Popsicles and a few other bland foods. I took the Clonidine tablet an hour ago. I believe it is helping with some of the withdrawal symptoms. 

Clonidine is a prescription to usually help with high blood pressure but it is also used to help with withdrawal symptoms.

Some of my symptoms over the last week have been: 

-Major chills
-My skin (especially palms) turning an orange color - this one was quite the surprise
-Not keeping anything in my stomach (I won't gross anyone out here)
-I am sure there is more but I am too tired to type

I took two Advil to help with the RSD pain earlier today. There is no plan here. I am truly winging this.


  1. I'll keep you in my prayers, Mellissa. I am so glad your doctor is supporting you in getting off those meds. and your husband too.

  2. Melissa, have you considered antidepressants? They really helped me. I am not clinically depressed, but they do elevate the mood and help with physical energy levels. Wellbutrin was a big help to me. They are not addictive. You might try it. You can email me @ if I can help.

  3. Oh my dear, I thought for sure you would coming out the other end by now. Drugs are great when
    they do their job but the side effects and cost are sometimes not worth it. Your in my prayers.

  4. I have been reading your blog off and on for a very long time and I am so sorry that you are suffering like this. Just know that we are praying for you and hope you make it through this dark time and find some relief from your pain that won't take such a heavy toll. Get lots of rest. I am glad your dear husband is watching over you.

  5. Mellissa,
    I am a long time reader of your blog, although I don't comment often. I have read about your struggles with RSD from the beginning and have hoped and prayed that you would find relief from your pain, but also not end up with an addiction. I know how easy it can happen. My son has had 28 surgeries and was prescribed narcotics for almost 4 years straight. Now, you guessed it, we are dealing with his drug addiction and trying to get him weened off. Not easy, as you know. I am glad that your faith is strong. I will keep you in my prayers. Know that He is your greatest strength and support and with God all things are possible.

  6. Mellissa,
    I too am a long time reader of your blog and have never left a comment before now. I wanted you to know you're the reason I decided to try to sell on ebay and I never miss a post on your blog. You've been a real inspiration for an older lady like me. I know you'll come out of this ordeal stronger than ever. My thoughts and prayers are with you every day.


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