Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Calmare Part 2

My husband and I made the choice to come to New Jersey this week for my Calmare treatments. My father-in-law passed away Sunday morning and all the plans were in place for his memorial service years ago. So Monday we made the 5 hour trip to the Days Inn, dropped off our stuff and made it to the first treatment with plenty of time to spare. 

Calmare is an FDA cleared machine that is being used for RSD and CRPS patients. There are several doctors using the treatment throughout the US. The closest to us is in NJ. My doctor has probably seen more RSD patients than any other in the US and knows quite a bit about the condition.

My first set of 10 treatments was in late March/early April. My pain level did come down some and so I wanted to give it another try. Most patients have to come back for "booster treatments". I have four scheduled this week, one a day for four consecutive days. I am half way there. 

The machine feels absolutely wonderful. I cried on Monday when I was hooked up. You don't realize how much pain you are having until it is instantly gone. The treatment is for 35 minutes and the pain relief lasts about an hour afterwards. The hope is that it will last longer and longer as the week goes on. If you want to read more about my first experience, click HERE.


  1. Can I ask which dr. in NJ you saw for this treatment? I live in NJ and am interested in it for my husband.

    1. It was Dr. Cooney. He is on Facebook under Calmare NJ. I believe he was in Ruthersford NJ. Right now I am going through two weeks of our patient ketamine in Clearwater which is also highly recommend for CRPS. I hope your husband finds something that helps!


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