Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Top 10 Sales - 10/16/13

I have been busy listing & selling. In addition to that, I have been going to therapy for my left knee twice a week. It is helping and I am slowly healing. 

Instead of listing everything that has sold, I am just going to post the "Top 10" sales of the week: 

1. Escada animal print wool jacket, sold to a buyer in Austria. Sold for $149.61.

2. St. John Collection santana knit dress, sold for $136.50. 

3. Versace "V2" black fitted dress, sold for $82 with 18 bids! I had this previously listed for $49.99 and it has not sold several times. For some reason it ended with multiple bids this time. You just never know :) 

4. St. John off-white leather shoulder purse, sold for $76.49. 

5. Vtg 1980's dress, sold for $65. I purchased this last Wednesday after my doctor's appointment. It was listed Wednesday evening and then sold & shipped Thursday morning. Score! 

6. Vtg. 1950's house dress with an awesome strawberry lemonade print, sold for $58.75 with 10 bids. It sold to a buyer in Switzerland. Again, I had this listed for a few weeks for $20 and it didn't sell. And then suddenly it sold for much more. It had numerous flaws but was still adorable!

7. Dale of Norway wool sweater, sold for $50. 

8. Trina Turk swimsuit cover-up top, sold for $50. 

9. Vera Bradley on the go style bag in Jazzy Blooms, sold for $47.23. This was my personal hand bag which I purchased from the VB website for less than $25. I used it then sold it for a profit. Love when this happens! Plus, I am down to just 3 purses in my closet! :) 

10. Johnny Was embroidered top with a few flaws, sold for $47. 

**And a bonus! This t-shirt sold within two days of listing it. It had several holes and a stain. However, it sold for $46.23 to a very happy CA buyer. 

 Today I am going to thrift. I have about 125 vintage pieces (mostly dresses) still unlisted. These are left from when I purchased 600 pieces from an ebayer who was moving overseas. 

I do not regularly sell vintage and so I find myself saying "I wonder if this from the 1940's or 50's". It takes a lot longer to list vintage stuff than regular stuff. There is more photographing, more researching and I feel the need to describe stuff with more adjectives. Ha. 

On a regular listing day, I can list up to 60 pieces. I find myself listing about 1/3 of my regular speed when it comes to vintage. Ugh.


  1. Wow you are killing it! I had 30 sales last week (my best week yet) but my profit margins were small compared to you. I hope my mannequin arrives today so I can start taking pictures with it.

    Great sales!

  2. Thanks Adley! Let me know how your mannequin works out :) Hopefully your sales will soar with it!

  3. Thanks, It'll be here Saturday!

    Is there an email address I can reach you at. I have some questions I would like to ask you...

  4. Absolutely! Here it is: fbc (at) inbox (dot) com.

    We may lose power soon. It keeps blinking. But I will reply to your email when we get it back :)


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