Friday, October 11, 2013

In the last month...

It has been a month since my knee surgery! Here are a few things that happened in that month: 

-I got my full leg brace off two days ago. I can now freely bend my knee. 
-I drove this morning! I wasn't allowed to drive for the month with the brace. I missed it. 
-I went to my first rehab/therapy appointment this morning. My knee is feeling better after the electric shock treatment ( probably isn't called this but I'm not sure what it is called). 
-I put on three pounds. Oops. It turns out staying at home every day all day isn't a great thing for the weight. 

-I purchased a huge lot of clothing just over a month ago. I got about 600 pieces or so from an ebay seller that was moving overseas. 
-I have listed all but 150 pieces from that inventory. The ones left are all vintage pieces from the 1940's - 1970's. I will be out of my comfort zone on those! 
-For someone who couldn't really walk too well, my sales have been pretty good! 

-The hubby & I have been reading the book of Job. I picked this book before my surgery knowing that Job had it a lot worse than me! Job's faith is amazing. He loses everything and is still able to praise God.
-I haven't been to church in a month. I am pretty excited to go this Sunday and teach my children's church class. 
-The hubby & I have been reading a devotional a few nights a week before bed. It is Devotions for Couples by Patrick Morley and I would recommend it. 

-I had atleast two "pity party" days over the last month. These are days where I let myself be sad. Ha. For those days, I didn't really think my knee would get any better. I thought that I might have to deal with pain for my life.


-I haven't done too much! Ha. I usually try to bake cookies for neighbors and friends as a ministry. I haven't baked in a month! 
-I was able to send two amazing capes our friend's children. I would HIGHLY recommend this website if you are looking for a great gift: For each cape you buy, a cape goes to a child struggling with an illness gets one.

Around the house: 
-I have plans to paint the front door bright blue. Hopefully that will happen before it snows.
-I have changed my sheets twice in the last month. That is literally all the cleaning I have done. My hubby is doing everything else. Ha. 

Well, that is all I can think of. I'm looking forward to the next month. Thanksgiving is right around the corner! 

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  1. It's good to know that you are doing somewhat better and your sales are still coming in! I might look into purchasing a large lot of clothing and selling them individually! That's a great idea.

    Well all have our "down" days but you have to keep pushing!


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