Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Top 10 Ebay Sales - 10/23/13

Well, I am about 6 weeks post knee surgery. I am still having some pain which is puzzling to the rehab doctor (and me!).

For the next two days, I will be baking more than 800 cookies. A church friend is getting married and asked me to bake. I keep asking myself why I agreed to this. Ha! Some of the flavors I am making: S'mores, Cherry Almond White Chocolate and Peanut Butter & Double Chocolate Swirl. I'm sure I will take photos as I go for another blog post later in the week.

I won't be able to list for the rest of the week and so here are my top 10 sales for the past week: 

April Cornell wrap dress, sold for $40. I listed this a few months ago and sat on it for awhile instead of lowering the price each month. And I'm glad I did! 

Vintage Wippette black vinyl long jacket, sold for $60 to a buyer in the UK. This sold within a day of listing it! 

Flax by Jeanne Engelhart jacket, sold for $50. Can I repeat how much I love the brand name Flax?!?

Must de Cartier scarf, sold for $56 to a buyer in Russia. 

Lilly Pulitzer crab & whale printed cords, sold for $65. 

Peruvian Connection is a great seller if you can find it. This (kind of drab & boring) dress sold for $45.

Storybook Knits plus-size sweater with an adorable squirrel theme, sold for $73. 

St. John Evening black knit dress, sold for $138. 

Vintage Nettleton crocodile skin shoes, sold for $139 to a buyer in Belguim. 

Coldwater Creek jacket, sold for $31. This isn't something I would normally buy. It was part of a lot I purchased from an ebayer moving overseas.


  1. The fact that you called the squirrel sweater adorable is cracking me up and scaring me a the same time. When we are the nursing home together you can wear it!

  2. What?!? You don't love the squirrel sweater. Ha! I am totally going to be one of those older ladies that dress up for the most obscure holidays.

  3. Mellissa, great sales as usual! My jaw dropped when I saw how much you sold the scarf for, just amazing. Sales have been picking up now that I have the mannequin.

    Make sure to take pics of those cookies, you might have to ship me some lol

  4. Thanks Adley! I'm so glad you are seeing more sales with the mannequin. I love mine even though she is a pain to dress :)

  5. Haha, My mannequin is really big. I make sure to buy the larger sizes so it wont break lol, I've only had a few issues trying to dress it

  6. I absolutely love the squirrel sweater, I would so wear that now!


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