Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Sweaters: Day 3

I had something else picked to wear today but after last night, I was exhausted this morning. Someone had an emergency and pulled the cord in their apartment. This activates an extremely loud beeping sound in our bedroom and wakes us up. This happened at approx. 2:00am. In the two minutes it took us to get out of bed, throw on some robes and shoes and go downstairs, the couples was on their way to the hospital. Thankfully it turned out to be nothing serious. We got back to our apartment and got back into bed around 2:30am. Around 3:00am, another alarm went off. We hardly had a chance to fall asleep. After turning that one off and re-setting the alarms, it was around 3:30am. I am guessing I fell asleep around 4am and slept until my usual 5:45am. that was our night. I threw on this super comfy sweater which is not quite as ugly as some of the others. Tomorrow I will pull out some truly ugly ones.

Notice how the sleeves are too short? I think this adds to the charm. I must have freakishly long arms since most tops and sweaters are too short on me.

So we made it through breakfast and I was looking forward to a boring Sunday in the office catching up on some paperwork. NOPE!

We had a FIRE. A real fire. I was sitting in the office, the hubby was laying down in our apartment upstairs. The fire alarm went off and our servers came running out of the kitchen. They said there was a fire in the kitchen.

I went into the kitchen and sure enough it was super smokey. I found the chef and we went into the back of the kitchen, into a laundry room that the kitchen uses to wash their items and a dryer was on fire. Thankfully it was a small fire that was contained in the dryer. We put it out. By that time my husband was up and taking care of things. The residents needed calmed, the fire department came and of course I didn't get that paperwork done.

There is always tomorrow.

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