Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas at the Retirement Community

This past week decorated the retirement community my husband & I help manage. I love decorating and we had a bit in the budget for new swags and wreaths. I went to Michaels and LOADED up my cart with sparkly stuff. Here are the two wreaths I made, each was less than $40! Michaels wanted $149-$199 for wreaths like this.

The swags are more tasteful. I made these for about $25 a piece. I love the little feather birds I put in each.

We have two large Nutcrackers on either side of the atrium.

And lastly... THE TREE! I started with 8 rolls of ribbon. I used wire to put two in front, two in back and two on each side of the top of the tree. Then I pinched them in diamonds. Where the ribbons met I put bows. The entire thing took about 2 hours and the entire 8 rolls of ribbon.

This weekend we are going to decorate my father-in-law's home. Can I tell you how much I love decorating for the holidays?!? What do your decorations look like?

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