Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Sweaters: Day 2

One of our residents got to dress up as Santa today. This gentleman is an exceptional resident and he has played Santa for 54 years. Isn't that amazing? He did a wonderful job picking up the kids and doing the "Ho Ho Ho" Santa laugh. I did notice he wasn't at supper this evening so I am thinking the event wore him out (I know I am exhausted and I am not in my 80s!). We had 22 children attend, most of whom were great-grandchildren of our residents. We even had a lady bring some of her great-great-grandchildren. She has 15 of them!!!

Here are a few photos. First is my Santa sweater...entirely done in sequins. I got so many compliments from the residents on this one.

The next photo is of my husband & me with Santa.

And lastly was a photo I snapped of the backs of heads. The family photo included Santa (of course) along with great-grandma and great-grandpa, grandma and grandpa, the mom and dad and a few kiddies. I didn't want to show faces so here is the back of the photo :)

Tomorrow we have holiday tap dancers at the retirement community! I know the residents are enjoying all the special events (which are held almost every day from now through Christmas). Thankfully it feels like my cold is getting a bit better. More photos tomorrow.


  1. Glad you are feeling better.
    Did you decorate the tree?
    I love this sweater the best because of all the sequins!
    Those residents are so blessed to have you and your husband.
    Imagine, great great grandchildren!

  2. Yes, I did decorate the tree. Thanks :)


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