Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Week in Photos - 12/16/14

Happy Tuesday. I had a pretty tough weekend. The pain started on Saturday and Monday morning I couldn't walk due to the pain. Thankfully it seems to be better this morning. Plus, I am off to the doctor today.

We have also delivered Christmas goodies to all 14 neighbors and a few more people we appreciate having in our lives.

The deer hunting season is over here in PA. What does this have to do with us since we don't hunt? (We aren't against hunting but we are against waking up at 4am to sit out in the cold for hours.)

Our contractor is now available! His crew hunted for the last two weeks. Gotta love rural PA. It makes me smile when the kids have off for the first day of "buck".

It will be nice to have a new floor down in the bathroom. It will also be nice not to hear random gun shots throughout the day.
We really didn't mind the blue linoleum (can we all appreciate the fact that I just spelled linoleum correctly without using spell check? Amazing.) from the 1980's. But, it was discolored under the heater. It is the last surface in our home now to be re-done. 

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  1. I hope you get to feeling great!! Can't wait to see the new floor in the bathroom!


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