Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Week in Photos - 12/23/14

Happy almost Christmas to everyone in the cyber world.

This week was all about the construction taking place in our home. Only one room remains untouched by the craziness - my room. I have been holing up in it all week.


Day 1: removing the tub & surround and toilet
Day 2: The subfloor is laid. We had bubbling around the toilet and so the guys ripped it and fixed it. The wood under the toilet was wet and gross. I am so glad to finally have it fixed!

Day 3: The new tile is laid. My hubby chose it. Since it was a small bathroom, we went with something white.
Day 4: The new tile is grouted (Yup...we went with white grout. We really like white.)
Day 5: The tub & most of the surround are installed. Yes, we had to purchase a new tub which is disappointing. We had hopes of saving our old tub & surround. It was powder blue and the hubby successfully painted it years ago. He went to re-paint it and things ran a muck. The paint started chipping and peeling and it was a mess.

The guys are back today and they said we will see a big difference by the end of today. Here are some more photos from this week:

We had stuff everywhere this week.

I love the new surround. All those shelves!

Hole in the floor! It was fine during the day but it was creepy at night.

See? Creepy.

My new supplement. I have a hard time swallowing pills and the doctor gave me the chewables. This is suppose to help with my food allergies. It means I get PIZZA tonight! The doctor wants to know if milk still makes me sick after trying the papayazyme for a week. My guess is "yes" but we will see. (update: milk still makes me sick)

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Merry Christmas!

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