Sunday, October 12, 2014

Week in photos (Fall Foliage Edition) - 10/12/14

I didn't take too many photos this week. We were busy but I forgot about the photos. We had friends come over twice, my weekly doctor's appointment and church this morning.

I am blessed to live in a rural part of PA. It is gorgeous in the autumn time. I am trying to forget that we also got our first flurries this week and that a lot more are on the way.

This is the view from the side of our home. How lucky am I???

The incline plane in Johnstown, PA. Sorry for the blurriness. Stupid cell phone camera.
I have only a month to go before I get a new phone.

The back view from our home. 

The hubby and I are taking a trip in a week! It was truly a last minute thing. My hubby's friend has a ton of time share Wyndam minutes. He sells them off for a low price so he can pay down his time share mortgage. We purchased some to stay in Fort Lauderdale for 8 days.  We had enough air miles to book a car and two nights in KEY WEST! I have never been to Key West.

I am pretty excited and pretty nervous. I haven't traveled in quite some time because of the pain. The last time was January and I had a lot of strong pain meds. This time I won't have those and that is where the nervous part comes in. I don't travel well. But, it was such a good deal and we are looking forward to the warmer weather.

We really hope to move to FL eventually. We visit Anna Maria Island every year which is on the gulf side. We have visited the Pensacola area several times. But we haven't really explored the eastern side of FL - the ocean side.

And...someone posted this on Pinterest.

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  1. I hope you have a great vacation. It sounds wonderful. Beautiful pictures.


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