Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Week in photos - 9/23/14

Don't you love old photos? My mom gave me a memory packet yesterday and it was so fun to look through the stuff.

 Our foundation is slowly cracking. Thankfully we have someone coming to fix it this week. There is a really cool concrete mixer downstairs. Pretend I was able to walk downstairs and take a photo of it.

My hair grows so fast. I had about 5" cut just two months ago and it has grown back. 

Jamberry! I love, love, love these. These are basically vinyl stickers with glue on the back. You heat up the glue and stick them on. Easy! 

Plus, I got 8 new designs this week. One of my Facebook friends had a party that reached $800!

This week I cleaned out my closet. I love to organize. 

I sent yet another bag into ThredUp. So far I have made over $300. 

And basically I spent that $300 on essential oils. One of my FB friends sells Young Living. I am giving it a try since I am off all my prescription meds. Well...I was off of them completely. Then I had yet another shingles flare up and am now taking shingles meds. But I am off my sleeping pills (finally...it took 2 months to stop these).

 Aren't they pretty?

 Since I have met my health insurance deductible for the year, I am trying to fit everything in before December. Which meant allergy tests last week. I am allergic to 14 out of the 16 things that I was tested for. I am not allergic to feathers nor cotton. I am opting not to go for the four years of weekly allergy shots that were recommended though.

These. are. the. best. EVER. Oh my. They are gluten free and have no milk. And they taste amazing. They cost about $5 a box (5 bars per box) at my grocery store which is half hour away. Amazon has them for about $4 a box with free shipping. Love that! 

And the last photo was taken from the dining room table. We were sitting there and suddenly very loud birds were on our porch. 

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