Monday, September 15, 2014

My week in photos - 9/15/14

Happy Monday! It is cold but sunny here in west central PA. It truly feels like autumn and the leaves have started to change colors here. 

Today I have a quick doctor appointment with my family doctor to follow-up on my shingles. The medicine has worked great and I have less of a rash and the bumps are less welt-y. Tomorrow is my RSD doctor appointment and Wednesday I go for an allergy test. 

Squeezing bottles of shampoo & conditioner while showering hurts my wrists. I decided to put it in an empty pump bottle I had. It turns out my conditioner is WAY thicker than I though. This took forever.

It has been chilly. I wrapped up in a blanket, gloves, a hat and scarf so I could hang out on the hammock.

Any ideas of what kind of bug this is? He was on our back porch.

And another odd bug on the back porch the same day. It was like a spider moth. He was large. Yuck.

I adore my husband. This week he made rice. I don't even eat brown rice. We literally had enough rice for 30 people.

I still adore Jamberry!

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