Thursday, August 13, 2015

Week in Photos - 8/13/15

We are loving this Florida heat.

Before all the gorgeous beach photos, here are some of what was happening off the beach.

Lot of laying down in bed...

And on the couch.

A funny side effect of my new medication are swollen & sensitive lips. However, just about half of my lips are swollen. I've been wearing lip balm non-stop and that seems to help. They don't hurt at all which is great.

Another part of this past week was scanning in my medical documents and emailing them to my disability lawyer. I'm so thankful we brought this bulky printer.

And now...

This photo was taken at the end of Anna Maria Island, before you cross over onto Longboat Key. There is no swimming in this water but the tide left a large area that only had about 3" of water. I plopped myself down and it was perfect.

Plop! Right in the water.

The bridge to Longboat Key.

My chair. I love soaking my ankles in the water.

See? Who wouldn't love it here?

Tomorrow we are headed to Clearwater to see Dr. Hanna. He is a pretty big name on the RSD boards and forums.

A few more photos:

My sister sent me these. Cards are one of my favorite things because I can enjoy them, then ship them off to bless someone else (i.e. no clutter)

I'm good at sticker-ing!

Thanks Taylor, Jessica, Megan, Jaime & Carter!
 One of my favorite families back in PA sent me a surprise box! I love these people. They totally "know" my style and sent both this chalkboard wall hanging and this surfboard frame with their photo. (I wasn't sure how they'd feel about having their photo shown and so I used the letter "i" and "l" to black out their heads. Haha.)

 I love you for reading and sticking with me. Thanks so much!

Sunrise just off Anna Maria Island 8/12/15

(BTW - to my reader Jenn, I have lost the photo of your boy's artwork! I plan on really looking for it later. Please let your boys know how much I liked them. I know I took a photo and I know I saw the photos on one of our computers. Darn it.)


  1. Well Happy Birthday Mellissa! The care package you are sending to your mom is beautiful! And talk about RANDOM - love love love the top hat story! What a great story your sister will have to tell. Speaking of random, I was talking to someone over the phone the other day (I was placing an order at work) and the person sounded JUST LIKE my sister-in-law. I told her so and laughingly asked her if her name was "Jane Doe" and OMG - she said YES! We both had a good laugh and I just thought - wow - that was so weird and random.

    I will admit as I was reading your post and came upon menstrual cups reference, my eyes were drawn to the top hat and at first I thought - well that cup is way too small! And I read further and started to laugh out loud.

    Glad you are finding joy in Florida!

    1. Thanks! It was my hubby's birthday :)

      I will have to post the photo my sister sent me of the bird wearing the top hat. It is adorable. I'll have it in my next blog post.

      Your sister-in-law story was great! How funny and random is that!?!

      Nope, the menstral cups ARE bigger. But I'm clearly not made for them. I'd rather spend $10 in tampons a month, thank you very much. But I'll keep trying. Sigh.

      Thanks again!

  2. You might want to try hair conditioner for when you shave instead of shaving cream. It works great! God bless you both.

    1. Thanks for the tip! I used it this morning and you are right, it worked great!

  3. I love those fish stickers -super cute! Do you run a travel business ? Also do you still sell on eBay? I'm starting up again.

    1. Hi Colleen! Thanks for the comment. I wish I ran a travel business! But nope. My hubby is a musician and he put together an hour show to preform at nursing homes & retirement communities. These were the flyers that were being sent out to those places. I just like to add a sticker to catch the activity director's eyes :)

      I really haven't been selling on ebay. I sold something last week but that was my first in perhaps months. My mom, however, is still going strong on ebay. I taught her in October 2013 and she keeps me in the ebay loop.


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