Tuesday, August 4, 2015

All About Me - 8/4/15

Hello from Florida! We've been living here on Anna Maria Island for the last four months. Four months of living on this gorgeous island.

This man cracks me up. Love him!

It doesn't look very wavy but I haven't been able to enter the water in at least a week and a half. I keep telling the Gulf to flatten itself but it hasn't worked yet.

Some random photos taken from my week of trying to rest my body (this is so boring some times).

The electric stimulus which actually helps the pain and I use all the time.

My sister sent me a movie on a USB. Fancy!

I take this blanket almost everywhere with me.
See? Everywhere. Today it was almost 90 degrees and I was sitting outside with a blanket. Do you see "Bob" coming through the screen door? Do you see his water bowl? He makes me smile.
 And some random photos of me.

This is me being "real". The pain was bad you guys. I sat in one position too long.

The hubby picked this up for $10 the other day. I love organization! I love that Facebook has yard sale groups.

The very important news from the island paper.

I love seeing all the birds that frequent our back porch.

 And the "goings on" at our home back in PA. We were suppose to close July 17 and the buyers backed out the day of closing. The reason? We had some water in the basement. We did disclose this but PA had a ton of rain there for awhile.

So the hubby & I decided that it would be better to spend some more money to really clean up the basement and hopefully fix the problem.

See all the insulation? It came out of our basement ceiling. They are also doing something fancy with the drains (don't ask me what...something with pipe) and painting the basement with Dry-Lok.

 I really want to write more but my hands cannot do it anymore. Even with the talk-to-type software, I have to go back and fix things.

Thanks for reading!

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