Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Quick Quick Quick

We are on the way! After spending a few days in the Lancaster area with family, we hit the road yesterday. We drove through PA, MD and VA and ending up staying the night at a hotel in NC. The hubby drove about 7 hours on our first day. We are taking this very slow and we stop often due to my pain.

622 miles on the same road seems a bit daunting.

How am I feeling? Pretty ouch-y. The CRPS is really flaring up. I have been doing a lot more than normal and I am feeling it. The car vibrations make things pretty awful. We will be glad to be in the warmth of Florida and be done with this trip.

More when we actually get there! xoxo


  1. Looking forward to the Florida pics!

  2. Oooh! That trailer tire looks scary - hope you are OK! Bless your trip - be safe. If you are looking for a decent hotel on the way - try the Drury Hotels/Inns. I found them because we sometimes travel with our sweet little rescue and need a pet friendly hotel. I'm not a super picky hotel person - just want a clean, safe room - nothing fancy - but this place was nice with all the thoughtful touches. Popcorn and soft beverages are served from 3-10 - nice snack after you check in. Then they have what they call a Kickback starting around 5:30. They serve hot food and cold drinks. We got two wine vouchers each, which we gave to some happy folks at the next table. The first time we stayed, we had planned to go out to dinner but after the Kickback, we were so full from the chicken tenders, mac and cheese, salad, etc. that we ended up on a nice walk with our furball instead. Our room was spotless. We made use of the free wi-fi and they had computers in the business center we could use if we didn't want to look at our small screen phones. And of course, they had a nice hot breakfast, fruit, etc. - also free. You won't leave hungry (unless you have certain food allergies), that is for sure. Some have pools, whirlpools and fitness centers. They have hotels in NC and GA but not in FL. The one we go to in Charlotte, NC is always rated in the top 10 on TripAdvisor. Not affiliated - just loved it. Keep us posted and let us know when you get there.


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