Saturday, December 31, 2016

December 2016 - YOU GUYS!

Happy New Year's Eve!

The fireworks here in FL started at 4pm (it doesn't get dark until 6ish so why?) and my husband performed at 3 different retirement communities today.

This pretty tree was along side the road, in the box.
"We" set it up, I listed it on OfferUp and it sold within a day. $25 in our pockets!
This mirror was also free and it sold for $10.
Our real Christmas decor consisted of a little manger scene, some other free decorations and this GORGEOUS tapestry which was gifted to us by a very special person. Thanks Aunt Myrna!

So the real news is: My meds seem to be working. About half the days I'm totally wiped and sleep 18 hours (no joke) but other days, like today, I have energy. I've been out of bed every day. I started walking last week about 1/8 of a mile and this week I made it to 1/4 mile. It hurts but I'm doing it. I'm ridiculously slow (like less than1 mile per hour slow) but I am celebrating!! I've been off pain meds for 2 months and am slowly cutting back the Ambien.

To see my medication plan, click here. It will take me a while to work up to the full dose of the last medication but I started it and it seems to be going pretty well. Side effects include having dry eyes (who knew eye sockets could hurt so much), dry sinuses, dry mouth...basically dry everything. My stomach isn't the happiest and I am truly exhausted some days. But the nerve pain has absolutely decreased overall. I haven't wanted to die in days. I cannot believe that after 3 years, I am feeling like I want to live on a daily basis. YOU GUYS! I'm pretty excited, if you couldn't already tell.
"Our" beach added this new fancy sign. Go Anna Maria Island!
A random beach day at the beginning of December. We live 8 miles from the beach and it was sunny where we were. Then we crossed over the Anna Maria bridge and FOG!
The beach on Christmas Day. It was 86 degrees and sunny. We LOVE you Florida! The water was still shockingly cold but there were people in the water. It was fun to see their shocked faces as they entered though.

Other happenings include: my husband finished the pavers in the front of our yard area. They look so good. I know they won't be everyone's cup of tea but I love them. They make me so happy.

I'm still eating healthy and added balsamic vinegar & olive oil which makes salads much better. (Except vinegar on bleeding chapped lips = not good)  I do miss pizza though. So much. And donuts. And anything with cheese. And basically I miss everything except fruit, veggies and chicken.

Still, it is helping so I feel it is still worth it. And now some random selfies.  The sun glasses are worn because light hurts my eyes some days.

 And on the last health note, I went to have my blood levels checked and my kidneys & liver are good. My vitamin D is "pitiful" but that is nothing a bunch of vitamins won't fix (we hope). And I don't have to get it checked again until March. Fancy that.

These dishes made me smile. We like blue. A lot.

A new year is making me excited and I'm hoping to work up to walking (more) without pain, sitting without pain and starting to do stuff again. I'm coming for you, 2017. But first, a nap!

I truly hope you have a joyous New Year's!


  1. Happy New Year! I teared up reading this. I am so happy for you. Thank you Jesus!

  2. I delighted for you that this new med regime is working!
    Also: love the paving.

  3. I Truly hope you achieve everything you set out to do!
    Donna ny

  4. You are such a beautiful soul! Your courage & positive outlook encourages everyone who reads your blog!

  5. Please contact me at I also have CRPS and will be entering a trial here in the states. Would like to give you the info for this could be a perfect opportunity for you. They are only taking a few people at each location so I would like to give you the opportunity first. Over 30 years ago I fell thru a ceiling landed on a toilet and literally broke my leg in half my foot was above my head. I have had over 8 surgeries and have been left with this horric pain. I would live to be able to help you in any way as I understand completely your every day life. This trial starts in April and has no placebo. We were going to go out of the country at great expense to rec'v this treatment. And now we will not have to as it will be 10 minutes away and the cost is completely covered.

  6. Don't know why you stopped blogging. Wish you'd start again! Hope all is well (or at least better). Take care and blessings on ya!
    Lisa in CA

    1. Hi Lisa! We had to wipe our computer due to a virus and I couldn't figure out how to get back into my blog's dashboard for awhile. I finally figured it out & just did an update. All is great! Thank you so much :)

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