Tuesday, October 18, 2016

October Check In

October 15, 2016

 Hello & happy October!

It is almost 90 degrees and sunny here in FL and that is exactly the autumn weather I want.

We made it through Hurricane Matthew just fine since we are on the gulf side of FL. Before the hurricane we experienced red tide which is where an algae is in the water and basically kills a ton of fish that then wash up on shore. We stayed away from the beach for a good while because it causes respiratory issues and I don't need any more issues. 

The pain has been about the same. Some hours are better than others. I am thankful to have another treatment on the horizon. My pain doctor and I came up with a plan that is currently being used in Germany. I need to get off narcotics first but I have done that many times before. There should be no scary unplanned side effects but the doctor will be carefully monitoring my doses.

 About a month ago now we went yard saling. We are so blessed to have so many things close by here in Bradenton; it is so different than living in rural PA!
Books for my niece. I paid $2 for all of these. 

Rug cleaner, $7. My husband used this and then we sold it the following day for $30.
The cooler has built-in speakers. We purchased this cooler full of cleaners for $1. The people really, really wanted rid of stuff. We didn't really need/want the cooler but my husband wanted the stuff in the cooler. We will sell this on OfferUp soon.

This is pretty big (maybe 3' x 4'?) and is stretched canvas over a wooden frame. It was the end of the day and I got it for $1. I don't like the actual painting (sorry to the painter) but it is already a solid white and waiting for me to paint. I will probably try some boats and then donate it to Goodwill. But I feel like painting is something I love and I count it as physical therapy. Will it look great when I'm done with it? Nope! But I can try and it will keep my hands & arms moving.

A little sea shell book to be included with some shells in a care package.
And the steal of the day was this American Girl doll for $2. Yup. $2! I love her but she will be sold eventually. Her outfit was in the wash when I took the photo.

That is all for now. We have guests staying the week and so I'm trying to conserve my energy :)



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