Saturday, May 7, 2016


Hi again!

Florida has been getting warmer and we love it. It has hit 90 just a few times and it feels like summer.

We've only gotten to the beach twice since Christmas but we hope to get there more now that the weather is warmer.

The hubby has been performing at retirement communities and is booked almost every day. He enjoys it and it allows him to be home during the morning and evenings.

The master bedroom and bathroom are done and my husband has taken a well deserved break from the house for a few weeks. He has off next Tuesday and has hopes of starting the lanai. It has three walls of glass due to three sliding glass doors (one currently is down) so the room will just be painted a fresh coat of white. He will also hang curtains which were purchased from OfferUp (like Craigslist but better in my mind).

One of our favorite things (okay, my favorite thing and the hubby doesn't mind it) is sometimes going out on Sunday evenings and picking up free items that were set by the side of the road. I don't get out much so it is something I really look forward to. We have been able to decorate our home and even sell some things!

Our living room:
-End tables from the 1960s which were repainted - free
-Couch - free
-Coffee table from the 1950's - free
-Lamps - free
-Skim board ("we" need to turn this into a table or mount it to the wall or something) - free
-White piece to the left of the door - $15 at a yard sale
-Indoor/outdoor area rug - QVC (about $70 - a splurge for us but it was perfect)
-Mirror - $20 at a yard sale
-Black ottoman cube - free
-Little table to the right of the door - it came with us from PA
-Our media/TV stand (not shown) - free

Other things we got for free and then resold. These are things that were on the side of the road. My hubby drives slowly and I recline my seat to take the pressure off my hips. He does the loading/unloading and setting up the pieces. I can list them on OfferUp through my phone.

Serpentine dresser, sold for $35

Vintage sideboard, sold for $45 -
I wish I had a dozen more of these. It got SO much interest.

Small dresser, sold for $20

Other things going on in our life: not too much. Ha. We did have neighbors over a few weeks ago. It went pretty well. I have a gravity free chair and I took a good bit of medication. That is one of the issues with being in pain. Pain meds can help if you time them right. I get about an hour of relief (and by relief I mean the pain is lessened) and it doesn't always kick in at the exact time you had hoped. My mouth pain has been causing me to stop talking at times. Probably not a bad thing overall. Ha.

We did get to the dentist. Long story short, I had fillings and crowns done and then got a second opinion because I am still having pain and now need two root canals. So that is scheduled in two weeks. We are truly hoping that the mouth pain I've been having is due to needing all of this work and not because of the CRPS. I now understand why older people eat bananas. I have to say that I don't mind eating soft foods as much as I would have thought. A fancy term would be a "plant based diet" but really it is just a whole lotta oatmeal, bananas, rice and crackers. So not that healthy.
The colors of CRPS in my hand
We don't have any specific next step with the CRPS. Mentally I'm doing better most days. There are still times during the day when I wish I wasn't alive. I understand why people cut themselves. I understand why people want to die. But I also know that God has allowed this for a reason. It could be so much worse. It has been. I am learning what I can and cannot do and trying hard to eat healthier. Acids, some spices and milk seem to add to my pain. I am taking a whole lot more medication due to my mouth and I hope to stop that after my root canals. We just had cacao powder delivered and will make capsules of that to add to my supplements. And that is the update.

I hope everyone is having a great day!


  1. Hey there! I'm a fellow CRPS fighter. My heart sank a bit when you mentioned the root canals. My doctors have told me that root canals are a big NO with CRPS. I know every case is different, but I just had to say something!

    That being said, I hope you find relief. Keep fighting!

    1. Hi Jess! I know. Root canals are a very scary thing. I have seen 3 different dentists though and they all agree I have major decay under there. The crown did not fix it and I cannot speak sometimes due to the pain. I am also not eating anything "hard" (nuts, meat, basically anything that needs chewing). I even called the dentist again yesterday to make sure they were necessary. I will lose my two back teeth on one side without it. Ugh.

      I'm so sorry you also have CRPS! What a mess, huh? Thanks for the comment and reading. :)

  2. Glad to hear from you! Great finds for free. You don't find dressers like that much in Australia and when you do they are worth a lot of money. Great to have something that you enjoy and free too! :) Keeping you in my thoughts.

    1. Thanks for the comment! Yes! We love finding free stuff. We lived in Pennsylvania (USA) before this and we almost never saw good stuff by the side of the road. Maybe a dozen times in the 13 years we were there. Here you could almost drive around a few times a week and make money. We cannot do that due to my health and the fact that my hubby has way too much on his plate. But it is SO fun! I only post a small fraction of the stuff we find. I think May is a good month for freebies here. College kids moving out of apartments (we have a college nearby), snow birds (people that only live here for the 6 cold months) going back up north because it is starting to get warm and older people moving out to go to retirement homes. It isn't always the best stuff but last week we got a bunch of new cake decorating stuff, brand new cleaners, a sealed bottle of lavender dusting powder, a sealed thing of Nair (to remove hair), car cleaning stuff and maybe about 50 other small things. We kept a few, gave a bunch away and donated the rest. My favorite find so far is an Ipod 20gb with 3000 songs and some audiobooks. Awesome. Thanks again for the comment!

  3. Mellissa! Hello from the Tidewater area - specifically Va Beach. I'm sorry to hear that you are in such pain. I don't know how you deal with it - you are SO STRONG. I know being strong isn't all it's cracked up to be though and I'm sure you have THOSE days. Your hubby is an angel - I'm glad you both have each other. I am glad to know that you are doing things that are fun for you - scavenging, selling, and sharing. Your prices are AWESOME! I'd buy every piece! Thanks for posting pics of yourself. I know your reality is different - but your smile is beautiful! Take care sweetie - thanks for keeping us posted.

  4. For some reason, your updates on feedly aren't updating. I've been a follower for awhile because my FIL suffers from the same problems as yours, and I note your progres and relay it to him. I am curious to know what gravity free chair you use, and and hoping you are enjoying yourself in Florida.

  5. Please excuse the spelling...progress, and am hoping...silly auto correct.

    1. I just commented and realized that my comment posted as a new comment and not a reply. Sorry about that. Also, sorry about the long links. I should have shortened them. Oops!

  6. Hi Kristen! I'm all too aware of auto correct. I told my sister yesterday that I loved her slugfest. And right now I cannot even remember what it was suppose to be but definitely NOT slugfest!

    You comment truly touched my heart. Thanks for reading it to your father-in-law. Please pass along my hello to him. I'm sorry he suffers from pain. What a terrible disease, huh?

    I love the QVC Bliss gravity free chairs. They are more pricey than most other brands but we have had one for a few years and got our second maybe 6 months ago. Both are still like new although I sit in them daily. One is a regular size and the other was the XXL which I like better. They also sell the brand on Amazon but QVC has them cheaper I think. You will see this one in a lot of my living room photos (I have the blue floral):$uslarge$

    And this one is in my bedroom:$uslarge$

    I hope that helps. Having a gravity free chair has really helped take the pressure off my body. :)


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