Wednesday, February 18, 2015

10 days left until move out

We are so blessed. 

The empty living room

We found a rental on our favorite place in the US for six months starting mid-April. We adore Anna Maria Island, Florida and cannot wait to call it home. While down there, we will look for a more permanent home. 

The (almost) empty office.

We found the perfect renters for our home. We didn't want to leave it empty for the six months we will be in FL. Our new renters need a place to stay while they are building a home here in PA. 

We sold our chairs but thankfully had porch chairs downstairs.

We sold off almost everything we owned. All the furniture except one bed has been sold. I would say at least half of our other possessions were sold. The rest are either coming with us to FL or will be boxed and left in the basement. 

The laundry room. We have been using this room to store the paint & cleaning supplies.
Our renters are closing on their home at the end of February. The original plan was that they might stay with family in the area until mid-March. 
The empty bathroom

However, we found a great temporary place to stay for our remaining time in PA. The temporary place is perfect. It is only five minutes away from our current home and it is owned by a friend. Plus, we can get in right away so we can start moving stuff. This meant our renters could move in on February 28.

The (almost) empty master walk-in closet.
We have 10 days left in this house. We loved living here for the past 13 years. It has been a great house for us. But we are excited to be moving onto the next chapter of our lives. We really think that we will sell this house after the renters leave. I cannot imagine living in FL and wanting to come back to these crazy cold temperatures and snows.

The master bedroom. Our renters have purchased the white soft & ottoman and so that got to stay in this room. We have been cleaning carpets which is why the fans are drying it.


  1. Wow! What an adventure! I have been following your journey, (but never commenting : )
    I am so delighted for you & truthfully, a little jealous.... (so sick of this winter )
    Each step of this has worked out so well for you. What a blessing.... & I have been wondering?? You must have jobs that you can work remotely from?? Or a temporary transfer??
    I hope that your time in Florida is wonderful!! I have been praying it, for you....& here's hoping that things work out for you just to end up staying there.... Best wishes! K.

  2. Hi Kathy, Thanks for the comment. We hope to move permanently after the 6 month lease is finished in mid-October.

    I am not working right now due to my health. We will fly back to town for my disability hearing when it is scheduled.

    My husband sings in a band and he can do that from anywhere. He also sings/plays at retirement communities and FL will be great for booking those performances! Thanks for asking :)


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